Citizens United


Citizens United L.  Non-profits and political action groups (like Citizens United) deserve the right to the Freedom of Speech.  For profit corporations and labor unions DO NOT! An action group is an enterprise to channel a viewpoint and lobby Congress, it makes sense that they deserve to spend money on Political Action, however their voice is confined by the dollars in their pockets.  Labor unions and large corporations are not confined by this holy restraint.  I am worried about

A)    Ordinary citizens not being able to make informed decisions.

B)    Foreign Corporations influencing US elections.

C)    Undisclosed monetary gifts to politicians (aka bribes) making a more corrupt Washington

D)    Consumers not knowing how their dollars are spent.

The good news is that states like Minnesota are introducing Campaign finance disclosure legislation and that public reaction has helped stop Minnesota’s Target and Best Buy from buying a campaign. Returning to a national level, “Fifty-eight percent of survey respondents disagreed with the statement,

“Corporations ought to be able to spend their profits on TV advertisements urging voters to vote for or against candidates.” Only 40 percent agreed with the statement. Additionally, an overwhelming 85 percent of respondents answered yes to the question, “Should corporations be required to get approval from their shareholders for expenditures related to political campaigns?”Indeed, Persily told the Spokane, Washington-based Spokesman Review that the Citizens United opinion is “very out of step with public opinion. The survey’s results are consistent with those of a Washington Post-ABC News poll taken in February, shortly after the case was decided. A full 80 percent of respondents in that poll disagreed with the court’s holding, and 65 percent labeled themselves “strongly” opposed. Surprisingly, that poll found that views of the decision did not split along party lines — fully 76 percent of Republicans and 81 percent of independents, along with 85 percent of Democrats, disagreed with the decision.

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Judicial restraint, tradition, precedent, and activism would frown upon this decision as well.  More to Come, More to Come….


Yes the Republicans are going to make major gains and i’m not going to argue that the Democrats are slowly converting people ( good read if you have the chance).  In fact people don’t believe Republicans will do any better, but rather that the Dem’s had a chance and they blew it. Which I must concur on. I don’t think Republicans will make it any better, however.  So what will happen? Well the strong Tea Party candidates are not an asset to the Republican party and while they may win a race or two, they are going to alienate the moderate right and the rhetoric of these politicians is going to be blown apart from the media making them not electable candidates.  While these candidates are often attention seekers and the media whores this will definitely be to their demise. Heres my prediction fair and square

1) The Republicans will boast modest gains in the House and the Senate.  Making exact quantitative guesses is very difficult but here it is my guess as of  10/10/10 we will see

House 217D vs 218R ( basically a dead tie)

Senate 51D vs 49R. (again a dead tie)

Again these are only predictions. I could be all wrong.

2) Democrats can expect to fall at the local level. Observing the country from a federal perspective we seem to be local Democrats national Conservatives.  Democrats do well in the south and west on a state level but never on a national level. So governorships, mayors, etc can expect to be a quite a bit more red. Again heres a ball park

Governors Offices- 16D vs 34R

Heres what the NY Times thinks:

UPDATED D R             Other
Senate OCT.7 51.5 48.4 0.1
House OCT.8 208.5 226.5 0.0
Governor OCT.5 19.4 30.3 0.3

okay thats all I got.

Comments would be appreciated– Ill give my analysis on them

Now as a left of center (sort of ) dude, you might think that he’s just an opportunist hoping that the Tea Party makes a formalized party splitting the right’s vote and letting the Democrats win! WRONG (sort of x2) ! I hope that the Tea Party becomes its own official party, as household of a party affiliation as Democrat or Republican. I hope that because I think the Democratic party would in turn also split.  Maybe take a 2010 victory then split itself, simply because a super majority is no longer needed.  Imagine FOUR MAJOR PARTIES (I think too many parties would be bad too) to choose from at the polls instead of just two. This would put less emphasis on party whips and Congress(wo)men who only vote on party lines; true coalitions would have to be formed in order for legislation to pass!

Yes I realize in order to win an election one must receive the majority. But could we not enact some sort of voter pass on program without changing this fundamental part of the American election process. For example imagine yourself as a Democrat (hard for some but try), Ralph Nader: as a Democrat you got to hate him! He “steals” the votes from the party he is most similar to. And when you vote for him you are hurting the party you like more. So could we have a mandate that says if  I Candidate A loses they forfeit their votes to Candidate B. This would be chosen by the candidates pre-election and made notice to the voters. So we’d get more parties that better represent Americans and a more perfect union.

So while I agree with the Tea Party that we need a balanced budget, but we need a different approach. I am proud of the Americans who join because they want a party that better represents them. So in the end maybe the Tea Party will end up hurting the right in 2010, but if it makes a lasting impression it could really be a benefit to the America it loves in the long run!